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Titan Guard provides an IT market leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) practice to our clients via 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC). We provide a turn-key service and offer Managed Security Services (MSS) that is right-sized from SMB through large enterprise leveraging best of breed and emerging cyber security technologies.

Many of the managed services offered include:

  • EndPoint Protection (EP)
  • EndPoint Detection And Respond (EDR)
  • Managed Malware Detection And Respond (MDR)
  • Security Operation Center (SOC)

Due to the increasing cyber threats, there is a greater need to secure the data, network as well as the devices. This has resulted in an increase of data protection market which in turn requires our organisation to expand further.


Our vision as an organization is to transform the Next Generation SOC into a Risk Analytics Center by providing our clients to stay ahead of emerging threats nowadays.


Our mission statement follows simply and clearly from our vision. We aim to provide the world-class most advanced SOC management platform and solutions that are built to automate and improve the security posture of our client’s organization.

Our Values

We treat people as we’d like to be treated the same

We are committed to deliver the assignment wholeheartedly

We’re stronger together

Agile to change for the better

Drive customers’ & partners’ stickiness with the unique values