Security Assessment

Home Security Assessment

Web Application Testing

  • Identify application related security flaws
  • Penetration test on the applications with hybrid approach of testing involving automated tests as well as manual testing.
  • Exhaustive manual testing to identify business logic related vulnerabilities
  • Test plan based on various international standards like OWASP & SANS

Mobile Application

  • Detect local storage issues for proprietary and third party applications
  • Test application resilience against reverse engineering
  • Leverage both open source tools and commercial tools

Network Pentest

  • Reveals the strengths of assets against network level attacks from internal and external adversaries.
  • Identify vulnerabilities associated with internal as well as external assets.
  • Penetration tests as per Titan Guard’s comprehensive test plan.
  • Exhaustive penetration tests evolved from a decade long experience in the industry.

Wireless Pentest

  • Identifying the weaknesses in authentication schemes used
  • Evaluating the strength of encryption implemented
  • Identifying possibilities of external adversaries to gain access to internal network by bypassing authentication.
  • Identify rogue access points

Source Code Review

  • More exhaustive checks to find all instances of common vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS etc.
  • Careful review in identifying application flaws which lead to back doors
  • Review of configuration issues as well as secure sensitive data storage by the application.
  • Precise solutions, with code level suggestions.